Long Distance Moving

At a glance:

  • Origin and destination are more than 100 miles apart
  • Billed on a rate "per 100 pounds" (CWT)
  • Rate is influenced by the amount of weight and the distance traveled: the higher the weight, the lower the rate

If you wish, moving can be as simple as signing the paperwork, our team of professionals does the rest! Whether you will be packing yourself or having us handle your entire relocation, the information in this section will help you make the process run more smoothly.

Getting a quote

When you call our relocation specialists for a quote, the first thing we'll do is ask you a series of questions to help determine approximately how much weight you need to move. A conservative weight estimate will not necessarily save you money, as you will be quoted a rate based on each 100 pounds you actually transport. Be wary of companies that guarantee a final price or provide you with a "binding estimate", especially if no one ever visually inspects your goods. Nearly all long distance carriers bill based on the actual weight transported, not the estimate.

Although it is not necessary to get a long distance estimate based on a visual inspection, it may help you plan more accurately for your relocation costs, especially if you are moving a large amount of goods or will require either long-term or temporary storage. Our relocation specialists are available to assist you Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM and Saturdays from 8AM until noon. Call us toll free at 800.79.MOVE.U

Additional costs

Unless you're coming into long-term storage, the majority of your relocation expense will be the transportation charge, however there are some additional costs you need to anticipate. Some of the more common ones are as follows:

  • Packing & Unpacking
    We offer full service packing and unpacking at an additional charge.
  • Fuel Surcharge
    A fuel surcharge may apply to all long distance shipments.
  • Long Carries
    In the event our truck cannot park within 75 feet of your door, either at origin or destination. The charge for this is $1.50CWT per each additional 75 feet.
  • Elevators & Stairs
    Our rates are based on transportation to and from the ground floor. Exterior staircases and elevators cost an additional $1.50CWT per flight or elevator.
  • Valuation
    Our rates include coverage of your goods for damage at 60 cents per pound at no additional cost. Additional valuation may be purchased and is explained in the valuation section.
  • Automobile Transportation
    We can also transport your vehicles. Charges for auto transport vary according to vehicle size and distance traveled.