Storage Facility

At a glance:

  • 10,000 square foot warehouse
  • Billed on a per month storage fee
  • Vaulted storage avoids “double-handling” of your goods
  • Pest control, alarms, fire suppression, and 24-hour video surveillance

Whether you are storing household goods or important files, our full-time warehouseman will make sure your belongings are kept organized, clean, and secure. We load storage shipments from your residence directly into wooden vaults that are then placed inside our warehouse, reducing the number of times your goods need to be handled.

Access to your goods is available for a small handling fee and with 48 hours notice, so this type of storage is not for people who need frequent access to their goods.

Our warehouse is regularly inspected to ensure that the building and its contents are protected against fire, theft, rodents, and other threats. You would not buy a car without test-driving it first, so we encourage all new customers to come by and visit our facility and see it for yourself. While you’re here, pick up some packing material. We sell boxes, tape, and other supplies at competitive rates. If you’re moving with us, enjoy a discount on new packing material and help yourself to any used packing material we have in stock free of charge.